My Proposal

I had not seen Gregg in 2 weeks since I traveled to Venezuela for my sister’s wedding. He had just arrived the day before the wedding and was spending time with his family and friends while I ran last minute errands with my mom and sisters (flowers, dresses, nails, etc.)

We were having a toast that night for the bride and groom on their last night as a single couple. I called Gregg to make sure he would make it on time but he seemed not to pay attention. I got home minutes before our get together and my whole family was already there. I went to greet everyone before I could even change out of my torn jeans and fix my messy hair. I got handed a glass of champagne and “Love is in the air” started playing, which I found really odd. I was so mad not to see Gregg there.

People started asking “what is that?” So, I turned around and saw 7 dancers on our backyard performing a choreography for us. At first, I thought what a nice gesture for my sister and her fiance, but then I spotted Gregg’s sisters dancing and I wondered why someone hired them without me knowing. A very familiar voice next to me made me look twice and I saw Gregg’s mom who I wasn’t expecting there, and before I could even ask her anything, Gregg’s dad grabbed me by the shoulders and walked me to a front row location to see the show. Still no Gregg…. this show was for me… from this moment on, everything is clouded.

The amazing performance continued with “What makes you beautiful” by One Direction. Finally, Gregg made an appearance as he danced to “I am sexy and I know it” by LMFAO in front of everyone. I wanted to die. Then he stayed in the back while the girls danced to “Marry You” by Bruno Mars, and as the audience (our families) screamed like crazy, I would just hide my face. The dance ended with them pulling a MARRY ME sign, and Gregg getting on his knees with the ring of my dreams. It took me some time to get back to reality, I was so embarrassed, excited and overwhelmed at the same time. I told him he was crazy and then I hugged him and extended my hand to receive my precious ring. As everyone screamed of excitement and took pictures and videos of us, I could only think about my messy hair.

The last song on his playlist was one that he used to sing with my sister, and he said “enough of us, this is Patty & Emilio’s night” which I found really thoughtful.

So yeah, he had been hiding at my house all afternoon practicing his part. He had planned these months before and everyone knew and did a great job keeping the secret. My proposal was a flash-mob surrounded by our close family, which proves that he knows me very well because family is the most important thing to me.

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