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Andreina Fuentes

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog and thank you for being here! This is my first post and I am going to tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Andreina but I usually introduce myself as Andrea. I am from Venezuela and I have been living in Florida, USA since 2012. I graduated in Business Administration with a Marketing Diploma and completed a Master’s degree in International Business.

Ever since I can remember I have been a planner. I have been keeping journals, daily planners and to-do lists since I was a little girl. I am always looking for a new project and I am a natural born multi-tasker.

I always knew that I enjoyed planning, but it wasn’t until after planning my sister’s wedding with my mom that I realized I wanted to make a career out of it; and to my surprise, my boyfriend proposed to me the night before my sister got married, at a family toast that was supposed to be for my sister and her boyfriend 

so I started planning my own wedding and I can honestly say it was the most fun time I have ever had, even though my mom said that I was the perfect

The night before my wedding day, right before bedtime, I started crying my eyes out, not because I was getting cold feet or because I was going to miss being a single lady, but because I was truly sad that there was nothing left to plan. The day had arrived, my mission had been accomplished and I felt empty….

A couple of months after my wedding, I realized I needed a new project – not that being a newlywed wasn’t a huge project itself- but I needed to continue planning events, so I decided to get certified as a Wedding and Event Planner and that is when I founded AKA Planners.

I actively started looking for friends that needed help in planning their events, I would even help them just for fun, (I still do), because every single aspect of planning an event, brings me so much joy.

I will enjoy planning your event as if it was my own, I will make sure that you are completely stress free, and I guarantee it will be an experience you will never forget

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